Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Another Session: Information Literacy through a Unique Education Gaming Applications

By Annie Downey and Kristin Boyett from the University of North Texas

At the beginning of a three-year, three-quarter of a million dollar project to build an RPG.

Incorporates 3 Educational Elements: Information Literacy, Online Education, Educational Gaming

Game requires full participation- experiential learning, inquiry-based learning

Game design concept:
Character driven
Problem solving
Modules build on one another

Game can't be lame. They're sacrificing some learning to avert lameness.

Program requirements:
Student logins
Ability to save
Monitoring capabilities

Evaluation Plan:
Usability testing during development
Focus groups
Game designers on UNT faculty
Student evaluations (cross-compared with traditional LI)

Annie, Kristin, Programmer (hired at competitive salary), team of part-time/student programmers, faculty advisers

Budget: huge

My summary: Grants are cool. This definitely gave us some things to think about when we work on the Next Big Thing. Again, it's also nice to see that gaming has room for everyone, from the huge money projects to our little game.


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