Wednesday, May 31, 2006

More Links

I am trying to gather as many links to useful gaming, education, and library related material as possible. If you know of a good site or resource not included here, let me know in comments.

Gaming in Libraries Symposium 2005

If, like me, you missed the Gaming, Learning, and Libraries Symposium in Chicago in December 2005, then you can at least read what some of the bloggers in Bloggers Alley wrote about it. Here are a few posts:

Hidden Peanuts

The Shifted Librarian

Another one from The Shifted Librarian

Tame the Web

You can also see PDFs of the presentations at the Gaming in Libraries blog.

And if you're getting really excited about gaming in libraries, planning for the 2006 symposium is under way. It will be held December 3-5, 2006, and registration will be opening later in the year. You can keep track of news about it at the Gaming in Libraries blog.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Hello, world!

This is the first post on Library Games. This blog will be concerned with the intersection of the topics of games, gaming, education, libraries, and bibliographic instruction.