Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Big Current Project

In addition to attempting to keep up with the Information Literacy Game, we (along with our new partner, Lynda) are working on a major overhaul of our Information Literacy Tutorial.

And we are incorporating many mini-games and other gaming elements into it. The new tutorial will be written using AJAX and I am fairly sure we will be releasing the code and content under a Creative Commons License just as we did with the game.

My thinking behind creating this game is that it will be somewhat of a Choose Your Own Adventure (you remember those books, right?) type of experience. The user will be given a certain set of content, but will be able to choose the order it comes in and how in-depth and detailed the information should be.

The nifty thing about it is that the content will all be in XML format (just like the Game) with many ways of configuring the presentation. So another librarian could write a module on web evaluation and by filling in a few simple options, include a quiz or a game (or both!) in the module.

I'll try to post more information and demos as it is developed, but the idea behind it all is similar to the Game: other librarians with little tech skill can make a sophisticated (and fun!) tutorial quickly and easily.

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