Friday, March 30, 2007

ACRL Blogging

It's late afternoon at the ACRL conference, and I'm attending the Blended Librarian session. I met a lot, lot, lot of people at my poster session this morning. We ran out of our 175 handouts in about 20 minutes, and we ended up getting cards and e-mails from another couple of hundred people.

Get Blended: Injecting Instructional Design and Technology Skills into Academie Library Jobs
Steven Bell
John Shank
Kathryn Shaughnessy
Sean Cordes
Use Elluminate to webcast free sessions
John talking about what a BL is
Related positions include web & instructional lib, instructional tech lib, learning tech lib, instructional dev lib and electronic learning lib
Instructional design: to develop instructional tools and work on process
Instructional Technology: Work w/libs to pick appropriate techs

Qualifications: Multimedia software, organizational, project management, instructional design, communication, teaching, instructional technology
Project Management skills top need

Duties: digital learning materials, lib instruction, reference, info lit, keeping up w/ tech, assessment, training programs

Libraries adding instructional designers who are not librarians to get the skill sets

Role is to enhance lib's instructional program, identifying techs
Biggest challenge to BL: identifying what does need to be integrated with tech, bringing people together at all levels of institution, time and perseverance

Integrate info literacy into core curriculum
Biggest challenge for BL: libs not sure it's meeting a need, tech is beyond libs

Other stuff mentioned
Low threshold apps
Parks Multimedia studio
high end digital video editing system
Podcasts using audacity & innerTOOB
Wikis using PBWiki, Wikispaces, & PMWiki
Tutorial with captivate, blog with blogger, wordpress


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