Thursday, October 12, 2006

Info Lit Game

The Info Lit Game I have been working on is now being put through play-testing by staff and student workers. Following some suggestions, I have added the capability for solo play. One person can play the game and is given 10 seconds to answer a question before it is marked wrong. 5 wrong answers and the player loses. After some play testers said the time interval was too short, I increased it to 15 seconds, and then 20 seconds.

Info Lit Game

Here is a screenshot from the Game:


Sue Maberry said...

I just happened upon this game through my Delicious network. I'm always on the lookout for good ways to teach info lit. Although I've looked for games and interactive and visual tutorials, there aren't that many. Yours is the first game I've found online and it's very impressive. I am also curious how it has been received by your students. I see that it is available for download, but does that mean it is open source? Can it be tweaked as necessary for another library?

Anonymous said...

You have the ability to download psp games, no matter how old or new. They also make sure to give you the right software and detailed directions on how to download and transfer your games to PSP. I was really lucky I was able to find them.