Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Game Maker

Some nifty (free!) software that I have been looking at is called Game Maker and (big surprise) you make games with it. It is fairly easy to use, at least at the admittedly easy tasks I'm attempting (I'm sure the learning curve will steepen quickly if I try to more than implement pong) and there seems to be a large user community that can help with support.

This may be another possible method of making an info lit game. Further reports after I have a chance to fiddle around with it some more.


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I tried using some programs including this games maker, yes these programs make it very easy to create games but it still take a lot of time to make a good one.

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Indeed it is an easy software, I was trying to use it last weekend and for my surprise it is a quick way to create a game.

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Tested it and it is not at easy as I thought it would be. Thanks for sharing anyhow.

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