Tuesday, December 04, 2007

New Game version(s)

Hi all,

In response to some problems people are having with adapting the game, I've made a few more changes.

The first is that I've created a version of the game using JSON instead of XML. The importance of this is that those people having trouble with the XML files can now use simple text files which should fix most of their problems. JSON is just as easy, if not easier, to read and write than XML, so you should be able to change the format of your questions rather easily. I changed the format of all my questions from XML to JSON by simply using a series of find-and-replace.

The second change I've made is making it possible for those people not wishing to use the website evaluation questions to use that space for regular questions. Although I suggest using some kind of challenge questions, as the game will still assign a light of any color for a correct answer or remove a light for a wrong answer. Instructions on how to make these changes are in the gamedirections.txt file.

Here is the zip file: game.zip

Let me know how it works!